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Dear prospective delegates,

As we all may be aware, we are in the industry that has always been vulnerable to various factors. High acquisition cost, economic growth, advancement of technology, and actions of fraud, all can have influence in longevity of insurance business. From time to time in our daily business activities we encounter cases of fraud or fraud attempt not only related to claim but also during the process of business acquisition. Sometimes the action of fraud can go unnoticed, hence bring about unnecessary additional cost to the company.

The slowing down of economy to some extend also potentially increase the likelihood of fraud action to take place as some people may use the insurance as their way out of their own business and financial problems.

The fast growing of technology and internet of things which cause the shifting of conventional way of doing business to that of electronic or digital transaction brings along with it new type of risks. Cyber risk has become one of the biggest common concerns globally in the past couple of years. It may also have the potential to trigger new actions of fraud which we have not seen before.

The 23rd Indonesia Rendezvous will be focusing on issues related to fraud, what actions needs to be taken by the industry, what role can be played by the authority and how the risk of fraud be minimized with the assistance of technology. These will be discussed comprehensively in the seminar and panel discussion with theme Reforming The Fight Against Fraud in Insurance Industry.

The organizing committee of the 23rd Indonesia Rendezvous invites speakers both from overseas and domestic markets. They will share what they have experienced and their thoughts on various aspects of fraud that will enlighten us as the audience.

We wish the 23rd Indonesia Rendezvous participants to have an enlightenment of the theme and can take this opportunity to build and strengthen relationship amongst insurance players attending the event and at the same time enjoying the beauty Bali Island has to offer.  

Organizing Committee
23rd Indonesia Rendezvous 2017


Mr Adi Pramana
Chairman of
International Relation of AAUI

Mrs Rismauli Silaban
Chairperson of
Organizing Committee 23rd IR/2017