Opening Ceremony

Indonesia Update
By Mr. Dadang Sukresna, Chairman of General Insurance Association of Indonesia

Panel Discussion 1 :

Topics :

  1. What are the experiences of Indonesia and other countries that relates to insurance claim fraud and what are its indicators?
    By: Mr. Guntur Tampubolon, Managing Director - PT Radita Hutama Internusa / CTA (Indonesia)
  2. How does cyber or IOT changes the playing ground of insurance fraud?
    By: Mr. Andika Triwidada, IT Security Consultant and Open Source Enthusiast
  3. How can innovation in technology help companies prevent insurance fraud?
    ​​​​​ By: Mr.  Budi  Setyawan Wijaya, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) PT. Ad Medika
  4. How is the regulation and implementation of fraud prevention in other countries?
    By:  Mr. Kanny Lee, Executive Director with the Fraud Investigations & Dispute Services of Ernst and Young Singapore
  5. Moderator : Mr. Bernard Wanandi , Vice President Director of PT. Asuransi MSIG Indonesia


Panel Discussion 2 :


  1. What are the ways to detect insurance fraud and is it necessary to form an insurance fraud task force (on national, provincial or other level) like we see in other countries?
    By: Mr. Mamoru Otsubo, General Manager of the International Department of The General Insurance Association of Japan
  2. What are the developments in regulation that relates to Insurance Claim Fraud in Indonesia?
    By:  Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK)
  3. To know the roles that rating agencies/other bodies play in the effort to prevent and detect insurance fraud.
    By: Mr. Yohanes Arts Abimanyu, Director at PT PEFINDO Biro Kredit (PEFINDO Credit Bureau)
  4. AAUI Checking
    By: Mrs.  Trinita Situmeang, Head of Statistics, Information Technology and Analysis Division AAUI
  5. Moderator : Mrs. Debie Wijaya, Branch Operational Director di PT. Asuransi Central Asia