Information sheet for registered participants



Indonesia Update
Mr. Dadang Sukresna, Chairman of AAUI

Panel Discussion Session 1 : Actualizing Positive Environment

  1. Indonesian Economy Outlook
    Mr. Yoga Affandi, Director, Financial Market Development, Bank Indonesia
  2. Global vs Indonesian Insurance Industry Developments and Potentials
    Mr. James Vickers,  Chairman for Willis Re International 
  3. Increasing Awareness & Penetration: Case Study
    Prof. Yeon HUR, Advisor of General Insurance Association of Korea
  4. Increasing Transparency To Gain Consumer Trust
    Mr. Harun Kannan Rajagopal, Director of Assurance, Ernst & Young

Panel Discussion Session 2 : Improvements from Within

  1. Regulator’s Point of View
    Otoritas Jasa Keungan  of Indonesia
  2. Managing and Capitalizing on Customer Complaints
    Mrs Inggit Primadevi, Associate Director, The Nielsen Company Indonesia
  3. Escalate Branding
    Mrs Anne Mutia Ridwan, CEO at Ogilvy Group Indonesia
  4. Delivering Promises: Claims Testimony
    Facilitator by DR. Abitani Taim, Department Head of Product Development of AAUI